About the Project



Young people face many barriers that can hinder their access to the arts and culture, such as a lack of family support, a low-income background, preconceptions of what the arts are and who they are for, as well as an individual’s concept of identity. Youth workers are often semi-formal gatekeepers that notice difficulties of young peple (isolation, exclusion, lack of self-esteem, drug use, bullying and violence-related behaviors, depression) that have an effect in drop-out form school and university education, lack of achieving personal potential and barriers to active participation in the civil society. It is a European priority to promote mental well-being and inclusion of young people. This implies that youth policies should work towards reducing inequalities within groups of young people and towards positive mental health and wellbeing of young people. ART4US mission is to use the power of the arts to transform lives of young people (mixed-ability youth) and promote mental wellbeing and inclusion. The project pairs the capacity building needs of youth workers regarding mental health, inclusion and the arts and young people, bringing together youth with a wide range of skills and abilities to create art, drama, digital filmmaking and dance.